Isiah holding drum sticks

Isiah Fletcher was born at home in Monmouth, Oregon, in May of 1994. While in school, he dreamed of the outdoors, other worlds and of music. He played soccer and did his homework inside only when it was raining, preferring, rather, his place among the branches of the plum tree in his front yard. The unique opportunity to travel arose when his dad moved back to his native country of Australia. Isiah has been there several times, giving him the edge in airport navigation, comfort in foreign lands, and a wealth of stories to tell. Yet, his permanent residence in the U.S., Isiah moved to Boise when he was twelve, where he was thrust onto the skate park, board ever at the ready; or down the frozen slopes that dominate the Idaho mountain wilderness. When he was inside, Isiah played computer games and imagined new worlds. And it was in Idaho that his love truly began. Having accidentally signed up for band, Isiah galvanized his adoration of music. He picked up a pair of drumsticks and hasn't set them down since.

Isiah attended the University of Idaho to study English. The skateboarding ceased and he hung his snowboard up for the long summer of new pursuits. He began to write poetry, lyrics and offered written reflections of his experiences. In Moscow, he lived in a drab-green, ramshackle house with the brightest minds he knew, playing computer games and procrastinating homework for all but his English classes. He worked for the University Catering, leading teams of careless college kids through cleanup detail, and played in bands that shook the walls of basement-venue weekend gigs. After three years he graduated, packed up shop and moved to Boise, bringing with him his lovely girlfriend, Becca, and a curly-haired bassist named Ted.

He lives in Boise with his girlfriend and plays in two bands. A pagan/doom/folk metal band, Tulpaa, and the experimental metal band, Aterrima. Isiah is the product of an exceptional network of family, friends and educators. He writes whenever there is paper (or keyboard) at hand, drums on all surfaces, and still finds time for gaming when he can. He draws from the limitless source of nature and the world around him for inspiration, oftentimes peregrinating the Boise foothills before settling in on an idea in earnest. In all of his worldly travels, nowhere compares to the comfort he feels outdoors, be that in Idaho, Europe, Australia. Wherever he is he finds time for a book, a cup of tea and a meditative trance that transports him to some faraway, exotic new land, ready to be explored.